With original business roots spanning over 40 years the Clarity Consulting you see today is the result of a lifetime of expertise in Lean, visual management and continuous improvement.

Who are Clarity Consulting?

Clarity Consulting are a dedicated team of professionals striving to help businesses of all sizes achieve their vision through Lean, continuous improvement and visual management.

We ask the right questions of your business and support passionate organisations through building relationships, engaging workforces, providing ongoing support and, ultimately, making Lean work for your company.


Many companies are just like yours..

They offer fantastic propositions. They have loyal customer bases. They have smart strategies and clear vision.

So why don’t they grow?

This was the question that we kept asking ourselves and, with extensive experience in Lean, visual management and continuous improvement – we knew that this was the key!

Clarity Consulting was founded from a genuine passion and desire to help businesses reach their full potential. Since then, Clarity has partnered with hundreds of client companies to deliver success on thousands of projects.

We expertly blend accessible, practical knowledge with real-world implementation and unite strategy and execution in order to fulfil our one goal – to help you achieve your vision.


Over 5,208

Successful projects completed

18,915 +

Visual management solutions implemented

40 years +

Of specialist expertise

Successful Client Partnerships

We have never lived in a more competitive world and we believe that the secret to staying successful is through continuously improving your business to ensure it adds value from your customers’ perspective.

Our proven approach is called Analyse. Ignite. Achieve and it’s the way that we’ve helped thousands of businesses challenge the way they work.





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Distinguishing the
Clarity Consulting culture...

Making Lean Work!

The essence of what we do with our service is to enable our clients to ‘make Lean work’ in their organisations. It is the very heart of why we exist.

We want every one of our clients to benefit from the efficiency and productivity of a Lean working environment by employing effective Lean, visual management and continuous improvement strategies.


Our Mission

To use our expertise to help our clients ‘make Lean work’ and achieve their vision through continuous business improvement.

Our Vision

To enable all businesses, large & small, to see value from their customers’ perspective.


Our Values

We are guided by our core values and they underpin everything that we do.

Bold & Entreupreneurial

Our team, including our Consultants, are empowered to operate with the best interests of improving your business. We will be bold. We will challenge the way you do things because we want to get right to the core of why your company is not achieving its vision.

Our team are encouraged to think like entrepreneurs. Our service isn’t scripted. There’s no red tape. Our consultants are experienced, passionate professionals who have a wealth of knowledge and we do all we can to enable them to do that.

Adaptable & Always Value-Add

There are many consultants out there who will promise the Earth before giving you an off the shelf, scripted experience that adds no value to your business. That’s not us.

We foster a culture amongst our consulting team that they are free to adapt their skills to ensure that you get the most from our expertise. Our mission is to help you achieve your vision and in order to do that, we have to adapt to you and add value.

Pragmatic & Reliable

We’re level-headed, logical and are the experts in our field. We strive to keep our consultancy service accessible by not bombarding you with jargon – what matters most to you is getting things done and that’s what we’re all about.

Our service is reliable and you get peace of mind that our time-tested solutions have secured results for thousands of other businesses.

Ambitious & Innovative

We have big plans for each and every one of our clients and exist to take you on the journey from where you are – to where you want to be.

We work hard to stay at the forefront of our industry and, as thought leaders, we innovate at every opportunity. Using our sound knowledge and expertise as the baseline, we take our experience and apply it in new ways to constantly improve our solutions.

Solid & Sustainable

Our success is built on the relationships we build with our clients and these relationships have to be rock solid. It’s our service that sets us apart from other consultants and the key to our business is maintaining these important bonds.

Improvement is everything and that means change. Our solutions are created with improvement in mind to future-proof your business for tomorrow’s problems.


Our culture

Our business is fundamentally driven by a passionate group of professionals who care deeply about improving your business, this passion then drives an incredible business culture.


Working collaboratively is essential to the way we do business here, we relish in joint working partnerships both internally and externally. Our clients need us to speak their language and we endeavour to be solution-driven and always looking for ways to add value.


Communication is everything and our open and honest culture facilitate’s both internal and external communication effectively. We believe the only way to do business is to be open and honest.


Competition has never been more fierce. We strive to innovate both our service and our solutions in order to provide our clients with the expert support they need to get ahead and reach their vision. We believe that it’s our duty as thought leaders at the forefront of the industry to always be looking for solutions to tomorrow’s problems.

Work Environment, Support & Wellness

We’re passionate about creating a working environment that works for everyone. We encourage working flexibly, getting out and interacting with our clients, enjoying breakout areas or simply taking a break by using the gym or playing some table tennis. We support our staff both at work and home and it’s a mission of ours to ensure that each member of the team is happy and healthy – even to the extent of making sure everyone gets a lovely lunch!


We exist in an industry that constantly changes. At Clarity, we need to be agile in our approach, without losing our momentum, or our vision. Our highly-trained team are adaptive and flexible and can cope with the demands of our customers.


The cornerstone of our business is trust. Every member of the team is employed based on their ability to perform well and be trusted to make key decisions in a professional and capable way. Our clients come to us for advice and guidance, we’re not like your average consultant, and, in that sense, we need to have the right approach to be able to responsible dispense advice in order to help our clients achieve their vision.