Read about how we're helping some of the UK's
most successful companies get ahead

From a poorly performing, much criticised, hospital operating under special measures, to a hospital achieving a ‘good’ rating from the Care Quality Commision, Clarity proudly supported this hospitals turnaround.
The team here at Clarity Consulting enjoy a challenge, so when DPD wanted visual management to drive the performance in their new Superhub, we put our heads together and got to work.
Our transformative work with the passionate team at William Grant & Sons has seen some incredible developments across their business.
Crown Paints
Over 60,000,000L of paint is manufactured every year at Crown Paints, fully through the visual management system we developed with the Crown team. We also helped one crown site save 30% on waste!
Network Rail
We strategised and developed the rollout of over 500 Control Rooms for Network Rail, working with their Route Managing Directors. The results, a £14,000,000 reduction in Operations & Maintenance Expenditure and a 20% reduction in workforce and irregular working accidents.
Coca Cola UK
Working with Coca-Cola’s European Partners we consulted with their Distribution, Engineering and Production teams to better track their KPIs and communicate amongst their workforces.
We partnered with Sainsbury’s to develop a brand new system for tracking their continuous improvement. We needed to increase engagement and awareness of their CI system and, most importantly, deliver results.
Home Bargains
In supporting the Home Bargains team we have managed to develop a daily shift meeting structure for their entire portfolio of over 400 retail stores.
Toyota Manufacturing UK
We regard it as a privilege to have been involved with visual management for Toyota’s renowned Toyota Production System. Needless to say, when we visited the Deeside engine manufacturing plant, we found world-class, hugely effective systems already in place, and were delighted to be able to promote these with visual management to fully engage the […]