Analyse. Ignite. Achieve.
These three fundamental processes drive us to transform your workplace.

Clarity Consulting provides professional consultancy, support and visual management tools to companies pursuing a Lean management structure. Clarity’s aim is not only to guide our clients onto a path of continuous improvement but to ensure that they stay on track.

We’ll walk with you every step of the way, offering support, guidance and visual tools to make Lean work for your business. Most importantly, we’ll help you engage and empower your workforce to fully embrace Lean – one of the most critical steps to ensuring long-term improvement in your organisation.


We start by looking at your business and understanding the challenges you face. Listening to you and asking the right questions allows us to get the heart of what’s stopping you achieving your vision.


The Clarity Ignite Session truly is one of a kind. A bespoke, two-hour consultancy session, conducted at your premises to understand your workplace, how you operate and what we can do to help. You’ll come out of the session with three “quick wins” for your business and newly fired-up passion before we set you on the fast track to success.


Ultimately, you’re looking for business improvement. You’re looking excel and achieve your vision and Clarity Consulting offer the expertise to support you. We have three routes to success, tailored to suit the size, requirements and budget of any business. Our Ruby, Amber and Emerald packages all offer an unrivalled level of face to face support and ongoing assessment that will help you to efficiently unearth the most valuable assets within your business.

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Three routes. One destination. Success

Clarity offers three expert packages designed to meet the needs of your business and support you on your Lean journey.

Getting started with Lean

The Ruby

  • Full day 'deep dive' consultancy session
  • Two half day follow up visits
  • Detailed Workplace Assessment
  • 12-month action plan
  • Nine desktop review sessions
  • Entry-level VM toolkit (boards only)

Progressing with Lean

The Amber

  • Four day 'deep dive' consultancy session
  • Four half day follow up visits
  • Detailed Workplace Assessment
  • 12-month action plan
  • Seven desktop review sessions
  • Advanced VM toolkit (boards, cleaning stations, signage)

Striving for excellence with Lean

The Emerald

  • Four day 'deep dive' consultancy session
  • Bi monthly follow up visits thereafter
  • Detailed Workplace Assessment
  • 12-month action plan
  • Desktop review sessions on request
  • Monthly KPI report to your inbox
  • Personalised VM portal
  • Elite VM toolkit (boards, cleaning stations, signage, SOP displays)

Seeing is believing

Human beings are naturally visual thinkers. Studies show that we remember just 10% of things we hear, 20% of things we read – and 80% of things we see. Visual management creates a universal language. It taps into instinctive visual cues, allowing information to be immediately understood without the need for training or interpretation. Visual management acts as a bridge between Lean data and people.

At a glance, every person working in your organization can see and understand expectations, performance, standards and warnings.

A great example of this is how teams can use visual management boards to fill in green or red each day according to whether they’ve reached their target KPI or not. This creates an instant visual indicator showing where problems exist and where to seek improvement.


Benefits of visual management

  • The work environment ‘speaks’
  • Creates a culture of visual thinking
  • Productivity increases
  • Safety improves
  • Increases morale due to shared goals
  • Company-wide consistency
  • Improved bottom line

Driving improvement for our clients.

We understand that it’s important to you to know the kinds of business we’re working with  – here’s just some of our clients.