Clarity Visual Management provides professional consultancy, support and visual management tools to companies pursuing a lean management structure.

At Clarity, we believe in Lean. Continuous improvement and Lean management strategies are helping diverse companies around the world to gain a competitive advantage.

We also understand that Lean only works if it’s sustainable. One of the biggest challenges facing businesses on their Lean journey is achieving long-term commitment to its principles.

Clarity’s aim is not only to guide our clients onto a path of continuous improvement, but to ensure that they stay on track.

We’ll walk with you every step of the way, offering support, guidance and visual tools to make Lean work for your business. Most importantly, we’ll help you engage and empower your workforce to fully embrace Lean – one of the most critical steps to ensuring long-term improvement in your organisation.


Your Lean Journey

Lean is a journey, not a destination, and it’s never too late to start. We work with you and your team to understand your challenges and get you on the road to achieving your vision.
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Your Enquiry

Recognising that you need support and have an appetite for change is an essential first step.

Ever heard the quote “insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”?

It’s true, and your business has to have a change in mindset.

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Your Executive Briefing

Every business is different, and we need different approaches to add the most value to you. Once you’ve begun your journey, our Executive Briefing is a desktop session with one of our consulting team aimed at helping us to fully understand your vision.

A Clarity consultant will call to talk about your organisation, your objectives and your pain points.

We’ll discuss the challenges you face, your ultimate goals, and how you’ll measure success. We will put together a comprehensive document which underpins your Ignite Session and means that you can hit the ground running when one of our team meets you on site.

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Ignite Session

The real transformation begins with Ignite. This focused consultancy session takes place at your location and allows our consultant to conduct a first-hand evaluation of your workplace. During this session we gain a deeper understanding of your business and its challenges, and identify three ‘quick wins’ – strategies you can implement straight away, whether you sign up for further support or not. You’ll also receive our guide packed with tips and tricks to advance your Lean programme.

Our Ignite sessions represent excellent value for money, but if you’re not satisfied, we offer a 100% money back guarantee.

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The Package

Clarity offers three routes to success for our clients, tailored to suit the size, requirements and budget of any organization.

Our Ruby, Amber and Emerald packages all offer an unrivalled level of face to face support and ongoing assessment that will help you to efficiently unearth the most valuable assets within your business.

The Ignite Session™


From tiny spark to mighty flame, the Clarity Ignite Session™ is designed to fire up your passion and productivity, setting you on the fast track to success.


Our consultants are not like other consultants – they’re business leaders in their own right. Which means that our Ignite Sessions™ are not like other consultancy briefings.

Following your Executive Briefing, our consultant will arrive with you ready to jump right into a deeper analysis of your business.

With sharp focus and a positive approach, we’ll probe the tough questions together and come away with a clear vision for the next steps in your Lean journey.

Your session includes:

  • A Clarity consultant to visit you and your team on site
  • Pre-assessment of your company’s key metrics
  • Assessment of your business processes
  • Following value and waste through key areas/departments
  • Exploration of challenges and their impact on your vision
  • Employee Interaction Session
  • Identification of three ‘quick wins’
  • Discover what Lean and visual management can do for you
  • A free copy of our ‘8 Tips’ guide

Post session:

  • Receive your personalized Workplace Assessment Summary
  • Receive a guide towards next steps to ‘Make Lean Work’ for you

Risk Free Money Back Guarantee


Helping you and your team to step out of the whirlwind and focus on the bigger picture.

Choose your package

Our consultancy packages are tiered to meet the needs of businesses varying in size from SMEs to global corporations. You choose the package that suits your company best – Amber, Ruby or Emerald – and sign up for either one or two years of ongoing support. Enjoy significant savings when you commit for longer.

Three routes. One destination – success.

Clarity offers three expert packages designed to meet the needs of your business and support you on your Lean journey.

Getting started with Lean

The Ruby

  • Full day 'deep dive' consultancy session
  • Two half day follow up visits
  • Detailed Workplace Assessment
  • 12-month action plan
  • Nine desktop review sessions
  • Entry-level VM toolkit (boards only)

Progressing with Lean

The Amber

  • Four day 'deep dive' consultancy session
  • Four half day follow up visits
  • Detailed Workplace Assessment
  • 12-month action plan
  • Seven desktop review sessions
  • Advanced VM toolkit (boards, cleaning stations, signage)

Striving for excellence with Lean

The Emerald

  • Four day 'deep dive' consultancy session
  • Bi monthly follow up visits thereafter
  • Detailed Workplace Assessment
  • 12-month action plan
  • Desktop review sessions on request
  • Monthly KPI report to your inbox
  • Personalised VM portal
  • Elite VM toolkit (boards, cleaning stations, signage, SOP displays)

Driving improvement for our clients.

We understand that it’s important to you to know the kinds of business we’re working with  – here’s just some of our clients.