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Back to Basics – Understanding Lean Manufacturing

Back to Basics | Published 02/01/20
The core idea behind Lean manufacturing is actually a very simple one, continuously work on eliminating waste from your processes. This is what Lean manufacturing really is all about, evaluating each and every step of your production and determining what elements are adding value and what are waste.
This guide explains:
  • What is Lean?
  • What is waste?
  • Principles of Lean Manufacturing
  • Using The PDCA Cycle
  • Using Visual Management for Problem Solving
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How we've
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Introduction to
Lean and Visual

Lean Techniques


The work Clarity has done for our site has revolutionised the way we operate our lines; staff are actually communicating with one another and we’re all using the data and hard facts shown in the KPI boards to make decisions.

Paul Mann - Hub Operations Manager, DPD

Working with Clarity as a partnership really works for me; you’re open to different challenges and the team that I work with have been really responsive, they’ve also come up with some ideas which I’d not thought of. I see myself as an expert in visual management but you guys have still managed to teach me some things.

Craig Wilkinson – Network Rail

Thanks to Clarity, we follow all our KPI’s through visual management. Alongside the manufacturing successes we’re seeing with Clarity’s visual management, we’ve also seen a 30% reduction in our general waste and are saving £40,000 a year on one part of our waste management visual solutions through standardising our processes.

Steve Lomax – Crown Paints

Clarity’s solutions have played an important part in our visualisation success in Network Rail’s LNE, and are essential to the programme. Clarity supported us to reduce our Operations and Maintenance expenditure from £180,000,000 to £166,000,000. That’s a £14,000,000 saving! We also saw a 20% reduction on workforce and irregular working accidents and general performance across operators on the East Coast Mainline has improved.

Phil Verster, Managing Director of LNE

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