Clear visual management. A vital component of success

stringent audits, numerous regulations to comply with, challenges of communication in multi-lingual workforces, ever increasing Health and Safety regulations, low margins … All of these make a Lean system of operating essential to a successful food or beverage manufacturing company, and clear visual management is a vital part of this.

Clarity Visual Management regularly works with some of the biggest food manufacturers and are very familiar with their challenges and their special requirements.

Our high quality visual management not only helps to make the operation flow as effectively and safely as possible whilst making the most of every resource, it is also a demonstration to auditors, staff and visitors alike that the company is committed to a safe, more efficient way of working.

Shadow Boards

All our cleaning stations and shadow boards carry BRC accreditation, ensuring they are compliant with global standards for food safety.  The cleaning tools on our shadow boards are manufactured to food standards, and our range includes detectable tools, which are both metal and x-ray detectable.  The tools are also available in a range of eleven colours, including brown, grey and purple, commonly used for allergens.

We have a range of products especially suited to food manufacturing environments, including smooth floor tape (so that no dirt can collect in the surface.  Flipfiles are available with special pockets which actively stop the spread of infection, frames for visual management boards are available in stainless steel and the visual management boards themselves can be mounted with a gap between them and the wall to allow wash down systems access to the rear of the board.


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