There are few industries so heavily audited and carrying such a heavy regulatory burden as those in the medical and pharmaceutical sector.

And for good reason … errors in this sector are potentially deadly. Lean has taken time to embed itself in this industry, perhaps because a disciplined way of working was incumbent upon companies in this sector and the need for it was less obvious. It is only in relatively recent years that the huge potential of Lean is being realised by medical and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

However, more and more, the benefits of a truly Lean approach are being taken on by pharmaceutical and medical manufacturers worldwide.  A particular driver has been the promotion of initiatives designed to increase the availability of new and affordable medicines, encouraging a new leaner way of thinking.

There has been much interest in recent years in Lean in Healthcare, with specific healthcare trusts, individual healthcare professionals and some private enterprises achieving great success through the implementation of Lean.  In the NHS in the UK, several organisations have attempted to co-ordinate this for a much greater effect, but this is still work in progress and we have confidence that huge strides will be made in healthcare when Lean is fully embraced.

It is evident that aging populations and unhealthy lifestyles are constantly adding to the sheer volume of healthcare requirements.  It is also clear that there is a need to maximise productivity, reduce costs so that every pound is adding value, improve quality and ensure timely delivery of services.

Accurate, unambiguous communication is paramount to achieving this, and we have worked with healthcare organisations to improve this beyond what was thought possible.  Primarily this is essential for patient safety, but also for removing wastage of time through checking, reworking, searching, etc which could be spent on activities which add value.  See our Case Study regarding the remarkable achievement of Hinchingbrooke Hospital.

Clear, simple visual management also promotes a positive atmosphere in the healthcare environment where the staff feel engaged and able to do their job well, and patients and relatives feel confident that the needs of patients are being met and information is being conveyed in an efficient and transparent fashion.

Standard work

is key to pharmaceutical and medical manufacturing so that outcomes are consistent and predictable.  This is not only is essential to optimise the quality and safety of the product; it also provides a platform from which improvements can be made.  Clarity supply a wide variety of SOP displays including some that incorporate antimicrobial properties for infection control.

Hygiene Control

is of the utmost importance in this market sector and for this reason, a rigorous 5S policy is usual in pharmaceutical and medical manufacturing environments.  Clarity have a wealth of experience in the special demands and regulations for this sector.  All Clarity shadow boards and cleaning station are BRC accredited, visual management boards can be supplied with fitting to hold them clear of the wall for wash-down procedures and trolleys and steel frames can be supplied in stainless steel for hygiene reasons.  Clarity Premium Floor Tape is also available in a smooth, non-textured finish to prevent any possible build-up of dirt in the textured surface, and is suitable for clean-room and high risk environments.


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