Applying lean in a variety of environments

Here at Clarity, we have worked with a number of professional service companies and implemented visual management across a variety of environments.

Whenever there is a process, manufacturing or otherwise, there is the scope to remove waste and huge benefits to be reaped thereby.  It is only in recent years, that the value of Lean has been seriously recognised in this sector, but where it is implemented, the potential savings in cost and time are enormous.

From completing a tax return to performing a property conveyance, there is a value steam involved and once this is identified, some simple visual management can be applied to expose the wastes in the process in view of removing them.

Effective visual management goes a long way to creating a sense of transparency around the process, removing much of the bad feeling and misunderstanding that sometimes surrounds this sector.

Kamishibai boards are very useful to visibly track the progress of projects against pre-set ‘milestones’, ensuring that they are progressing and that the information is available to all who need to know.


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