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Working directly with some of the largest automotive manufacturers in the world, including the Toyota Motor Corporation & Jaguar Land Rover, and their top level suppliers.
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Automotive Manufacturing Sector

It is well known that the automotive industry is the seed-bed and home of modern Lean, and to many people the ‘Toyota Production System’ is just another name for Lean!   Since Kiichiro Toyoda, founder of the Toyota Motor Corporation, began his intense study of the manufacturing process in the early 20th century, there has never been so great a demand for Lean in the automotive industry as there is today.

In the UK, the recent success of the automotive manufacturing industry has been huge.  In June 2017, the sector achieved a record turnover of £77.5 billion marking its seventh consecutive year of growth.  This excellent growth has put enormous pressure on the manufacturers to cope with the massively increased demand, and alongside of this, to cope with the many variations and options available to the consumer today.
Our biggest clients in the automotive sector
Do you have case studies on all of these sectors?
Whilst we don't have case studies with all of these companies, we can share examples of the work we have done with them. We may even be able to arrange for a visit to their site, to show how Clarity have helped them achieve their goals. 
What do companies in this sector buy from us?
They buy a variety of items. From items as small as Visual Management Boards, to Safety barriers to protect their production assets. Cleaning stations are often a popular choice in this sector!

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