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Transform your factory to make your competition jealous.

Smaller Project Value
Amount Spent
Smaller factory fit out projects usually consist of products such as safety walls, small lengths of barrier or a handful of projectors. Sometimes clients spend roughly this amount to trial a product, in view of rolling it out in other areas.
Average Project Value
Amount Spent
Our average project value reflects projects where one area of the factory is usually being transformed. This includes a mix of floor painting, and a few pedestrian barriers where they are required.
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Larger Project Value
Amount Spent
Our larger projects can include larger areas of barriers and projectors where larger quantities of products are required. This can sometime also include entire workshop fit outs, or barriers and walkways implemented to the PAS 13 standard.

How much would Polymer Barriers cost in my Factory?

For Small Factories
(Up to 2,500 sq m)
For factories needing a small quantity of barriers to increase segregation at their site.
Typical Range
£3,000 - £20,000
For Mid-Sized Factories
(2,500 to 10,000 sq m)
For factories needing a larger amount of barriers to protect their assets and pedestrians in multiple areas.
Typical Range
£20,000 - £50,000
For Large Factories
(Over 10,000 sq m)
For factories needing very large quantities of barrier or looking to comply with PAS 13 barrier standards.
Typical Range
£50,000 - £150,000

Typical Pricing (Examples)


100m of PED 90 Pedestrian Barrier

£26,000 + Installation


People, machinery, and assets are the main areas that suffer damage from moving vehicle impacts. Our  pedestrian barriers offer a comprehensive solution to safeguard your workspace and personnel from potential hazards.
Engineered with durability and functionality in mind and tested to the full UNI/TR 11886 specification, these barriers provide superior impact resistance, ensuring long-lasting protection against accidental collisions and impacts. These barriers are highly flexible, scratch-resistant, easy to clean, space-saving, shock-absorbing, modular, and on top of all of that, are fire resistant!

Interactive Crossing for Pedestrians/FLT's

£5,000 + Installation


Disengaged staff are at high risk of being hit by moving vehicles as they no longer pay attention to warning signs.
Interactive STOP sign and Crossing Walkways, are a gamechanger as they detect either FLT or Pedestrian movement, and change to signal whether it is safe to cross or not. This keeps the employees engaged and aware of risks around them.

1no PPE Projector

£800 + Installation


Floor markings and signage that wear out quickly, are a real challenge for all factory managers. Often floor markings have to be replaced up to 6 times per year, creating huge costs for the company.
Projected signage such as this PPE projector, make sure that the signs are there for years with very little maintenance and running costs.

Metal vs Polymer Barrier Lifetime Costs


Graph v3-1

What factors influence the Factory Fit Out Pricing?

1. Size & Scale
Projects that are larger in scale, and therefore require more products and time to install will require a larger project scope.
2. Product Specifications

Depending on the purpose/objective that the products need to fill, the price of the overall product may increase. As a general rule, the more the product you want the product to do, the more it will cost.

3. Location

Whilst we try to base our installation partners in every region within the UK, we do not currently have partners in every area. This means that projects in Scotland, Ireland or Wales usually cost slightly more, due to increased carriage, labour and accommodation costs.

Most popular products


PED 150 Pedestrian Barrier


Warning Bar


LINK 150/1 Pedestrian Barrier

What's included with every order/project with Clarity?

1. A Custom Quotation / Proposal

These proposals will help you understand what you currently have difficulty with at your company, and offer a comprehensive solution to counter this.

2. Visual Design

Every order we win will include either a 3D graphic design, a print-ready artwork file, or an visual consultancy agenda. As we believe that Visual Management is key to success in business, we like to provide clients with a visual element to demonstrate that we can assist you implement the visual management you need.

3. Project Management with a human touch

You don’t want to be talking to an automated email when implementing a complex project. Our customer service and project management teams are always at the end of the phone or email. However you want to communicate with us.

    Frequently Asked Questions    

Question mark
What makes costs in this industry go up?
In the factory fit out industry, the biggest factor in making costs rise, is the rise of material costs, as this directly increases the cost of the products we offer. Often our installation costs also increase with travel cost increases etc as well.
What makes some companies fit out products so expensive?

Some companies fit out products are expensive if they are not the direct manufacturer of that product. Companies such as this, often deliver value in other areas, such as quicker delivery times, a greater range of product available to buy in one go, or specialised consultancy services.

It is important to look at what factors are important to you as a business, before deciding which fit out products to buy.

If a product is bespoke and requires a lot of time and effort to create, that can mean that the price of the product itself is a lot higher.

What makes some companies fit out products so cheap?

Some companies products however are really cheap. This is sometimes where they are directly manufacturing the product, or the product itself is of a lower quality, and likely manufactured in another country where labour costs etc are lower.

This can impact the lifetime value of what you buy, and may become more expensive in the long run if you have to constantly replace the items.

What is the initial cost vs the lifetime cost?

The initial cost of the product refers to the amount of money you pay for a product to implement it and make it work. This includes the product cost, installation cost, fees, training and another other short term costs to get the product working.

The lifetime cost includes the initial cost plus maintenance, replacements and opportunity costs.

When you buy a good quality product, the maintenance and replacements costs are significantly reduced, meaning whilst the initial cost may be higher, the lifetime cost is lower. 

A lower lifetime cost, means less of your time taken up fixing further issues with the product.

Can I have a credit account to pay a large order off more slowly?

Yes, you can.

We set up accounts with every customer, and where needed this can be a credit account (Standard 30 days).

Our factory fit out projects, also all have a split invoicing structure; 30% deposit, 30% after production and 40% after project completion.


What else will I need to succeed with Clarity?

1. A Vision or Problem

It is incredibly difficult to help a client when you don’t understand the root of the problem. You will need to communicate (as clearly as possible) the issues you are facing or the vision you already have to solve these problems.

2. A Small amount of your time

It is also really difficult to help clients when there is not enough communication where it is needed. Whilst our main aim is to make your job easier, give you support and ultimately save you time, we will need you to set aside on average 2 hours a month to keep in touch with us.

3. Other personnel

Whilst we aim to take as many elements of the project off you as possible, some elements will still require your support. For example, some of our factory fit out installations do not allow for the cost of a cherry-picker (when needing to work at height) etc, and you may have to arrange for external providers alongside our support.


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