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From local delivery services to global supply chains, successful logistics companies usually attribute their results to their ability. Lean is the foundation of most successful logistics operations, communicated and sustained by powerful visual management systems.
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Both the necessity for extreme speed and the huge number of personnel involved in the process present challenges which can be managed by effective visual management.  A high quality 5S programme not only ensures that time is not wasted looking for missing items, it also defines the process, making the flow of work clear and, importantly, making it very obvious when it is not being adhered to.

Clarity Visual Management have worked extensively in this sector.  Read our DPD Case Study to hear about a special bespoke visual management system which we developed with DPD for their new SuperHub.
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Do you have case studies on all of these sectors?
Whilst we don't have case studies with all of these companies, we can share examples of the work we have done with them. We may even be able to arrange for a visit to their site, to show how Clarity have helped them achieve their goals. 
What do companies in this sector buy from us?
They buy a variety of items. From items as small as Visual Management Boards, to Safety barriers to protect their production assets. Maintenance and Planning Boards are popular in this sector.

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