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What is a 5S Cuboid?

5S cuboid

Often 5S is hard to sustain, as there are no constant reminders of it in the workplace, and tools are not easily accessible in every area. In this article we explain what a 5S cuboid is and why every business will benefit from its innovative approach to workplace organisation.


1. What is the 5S Cuboid?

2. What are they made of?

3. What are cuboids used for?

4. How to optimise your 5S


What is the 5S cuboid?

The 5S cuboid is a freestanding unit that can be easily moved around to exactly where you need it, greatly benefitting collaboration and accountability.

Robust and versatile, the cuboid is completely customisable and can include a shadow board for tools, a cleaning station and a platform for your laptop, plus it’s perfectly compatible with printed magnetic overlays. By organising tools in a mobile storage place, your cuboid will play a leading role in ensuring that daily 5S remains at peak performance across your premises.


What are 5S cuboids made of?

Developed by our very own Lean and visual management specialists, our 5S cuboids are 1,700mm high and 600mm wide, which is the perfect size in order to remain compact whilst having a high impact. This means that you can easily store the cuboid away to save space and then quickly move it into a more central place when required.

Rigid aluminium composite boards combined with a sturdy frame and nylon wheels ensure that the cuboid can withstand even the busiest working environments. Meanwhile, a stable and perfectly weighted structure allows you to store tools and cleaning equipment on the cuboid’s sides without the risk of it toppling over. After all, health and safety is key!


What are cuboids used for?

The 5S cuboid has also been designed so that it can be opened up to create a large visual management display. This gives you the freedom to unfold the product and immediately access a spacious area for sharing all of the information required for your meeting.

Our magnetic overlays can be attached to the cuboid’s surfaces in an instant, saving you time and maximising the way you communicate core information during your departmental update or senior management brainstorm. It really is the most efficient and hassle-free way to keep your teams on the same page and promote employee engagement to full effect.


How to optimise your 5S

5S is all about enhancing workplace organisation on every level. From preventing mistakes and reducing the time it takes to access information and tools, to increasing employee safety and making it easy to identify waste, the applications of 5S are impressively wide-ranging.

The 5S cuboid has been specifically designed to help your teams follow a 5S methodology in an effective and foolproof way. We guarantee that equipping your departments with customised cuboids will bring a strong return on investment from day one.


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