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What are the top 5 problems with LED Projectors?


We understand that it may be frustrating when you have a product that doesn’t work, as it was promised to you that it would. After all, it is a waste of your time, money and effort in purchasing that product. This is even more frustrating when you have other people relying on you to make a significant change within your factory.

This is why we want to explain everything that can go wrong with the LED Projectors, so you can consider potential issues before reaching out to anyone to supply you with them. In this article you can expect to read about the hype with LED Project Solutions, and the main 5 problems with these; Installation, Power Level, Colour, The Projector Size, and Lifetime Guarantee. You will also understand what a good LED Projector looks like, and how to choose one that suits your needs.


Why are factory managers moving towards LED Projected Solutions?

LED projectors have become very common in many world class facilities because of their versatility, and the fact that they offer a different perspective on signage. The problem with traditional signage is that people become blind to it, because they have seen it so often, they forget about it. However, when you project a warning symbol or an icon onto a wall or floor, especially when this is programmed to interact with moving objects, it creates curiosity and makes people take notice of the message. A lot more so than traditional signage!

LED projectors, however, are not without their problems. Not all LED projectors were made equal and with the import of cheap Chinese products the race to the bottom has already begun.


  1. Installation

We have a number of customers who have successfully and competently fitted their own LED projectors. However, these products are made with precision machine components and with the combination of lenses LED hardware and electronic, there is a significant risk of damage to the product during installation. Sadly, even our own installers have managed to damage these during installation, but know that when that happens, the cost is on us to fix it. When choosing an LED projector system for your factory, be sure to look for an installation option as this will also ensure that you benefit from the warranty on the product. Clarity offers a five-year warranty on our projectors.


  1. Power Level.

If you have been researching LED projectors for your factory, you will notice that there are a wide range of different powered projectors available. If you have had an LED projector specialist visit your factory, they will have taken a number of measurements. This includes the floor to ceiling height, the projected area dimensions, and most importantly, the amount of light in the area (The Lux Level). For many applications, a 25W LED projector will work, but if the lighting level in your factory is already high then projector power will need to be increased accordingly.


  1. The colour options.

There are a wide range of colour options available, however, some colours just do not project as well as all the colours. This depends on the amount of natural lights in the area and the surface to which the signage is being projected onto. As an example, red can be one of the hardest colours to project, however, with the right projector in the right environment red can also be highly effective solution. The image below is a good visualisation of this.


  1. The Projector size

One of the reasons why there are a wide variety of projectors available is partly due to the size of the actual projector itself. The reason why an 100W projector is significantly larger than 25W projector is because it requires a much larger heat sink to dissipate the heat generated by the lamp. A 25W projector is therefore smaller, generates less heat and has a lower overall cost which also includes the ongoing running cost.


  1. Design life

The biggest difference between a £300 LED projector from China and industrial LED projector is the design Life. This is simply how long the product is designed to last for. Projectors offered by Clarity that are manufactured in Italy have a five-year guarantee. Some of the projectors manufactured in China, will only last a few months with continual running. This may mean that you have paid a higher upfront cost compared with a floor sticker, and you then have higher renewal costs due to choosing an inadequate product for your needs.


So, how do I choose the right projector for my needs?

To choose the right projector for your factory needs, you will need to assess some of the factors above; whether you think you can manage the installation yourself, the design you would like and the design life you would like to expect from the product. Once you have clarified those points, you can reach out to a supplier who will be able to help you with the Power level, Colour options and Projector Size required.


To avoid wasting your time and money on a projector that doesn’t work, ensure you consider these 5 problems before you reach out to anyone. Clarity can provide a wide variety of LED Projected designs, and we can also send one of our experts to your site to ensure the dimensions and measurements are taken correctly. View our range here, or click the link below to get in touch for a quotation.

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