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What is a factory fit out?


If you’re considering having work done on your factory, whether this is simply painting a single walkway or a full factory fit out, you may be wondering what the term “factory fit out” actually means. Every year we work with hundreds of companies fitting out their factories and by the end of this article, you’ll understand, what the term factory fit means and what the capabilities of Clarity VM are.

We all understand the term “office fit out” as a makeover for an office, but what is a factory fit out? The term factory fit out really means the design and installation of everything required to take your factory from a traditional working factory to a 5S lean and safe factory. This starts with something as simple as having a dedicated bay for a Forklift truck, but it goes far beyond by including painted floors, painted walkways, clear directional signage, barriers to protect assets and barriers to segregate machines from people etc. This means using the latest tech to make your factory visits a worthwhile experience without compromising on safety or operational excellence.


The five key stages to a successful Factory Fit Out:

  1. Discovery call - gain an understanding of what you want to achieve

  2. Agree a budget sum

  3. On site data collection

  4. Solution presentation

  5. Installation and delivery


discovery mtg

Discovery call

Click here to see the article about what to expect on a discovery call. This will typically be a Teams call to understand what you want to achieve, what ‘good’ looks like, and when you want this delivered by.


Agree a budget sum

It is all too easy to skip this step, but by doing so - the project often stalls. For example, the design stage can cost around 5% of the overall cost, there would be no point spending £5000 on a full site render if your total budget is only £20k.


On-site data collection

Before we can give a solution presentation- we would need to know a wide range of statistics in order to present the correct products to solve your problems. For example, for barriers we would need to know FLT weights and speeds, for projectors we would need to know heights, lux levels, colours required, whether they are interactive or static etc. We need to know this information so that we can specify the right projectors and barriers to suit your requirements.


Solution presentation

This is where you will be given visuals and costings to allow you to raise an order number to proceed with the fit out. This will give you a clear outline of the products we will supply, images and drawings of your problem areas and the costings for that project. Typically, our payment terms are 30% up front, 30% on delivery of materials and 40% on completion.


Installation and delivery

Before the work commences, you will be assigned a project manager - they will liaise with your site contact to agree a schedule of works, exchange RAMS and certificates etc. This is to ensure the whole job runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible without incurring additional costs and/or delays. Our project manager will keep you informed of the status all the way through to completion.

WhatsApp Image 2024-04-17 at 10.38.29

So now you know what a factory fit-out is and how we work. There are some products we do not currently offer in our factory fit out projects such as racking or lighting, however we can advise you on the best products or services to suit you without prejudice or bias. We have a wide range of contacts around the UK, that will be able to assist you with your requirements.


Book your discovery call here.