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Health & Safety Walls

These walls serve their purpose as a beacon within your factory. The vibrant colours are designed so employees are able to quickly locate the correct items in an emergency response. These walls also act as a constant reminder to employees of the importance of their well-being and encourages employees to adhere to safety measures.

If you are on this page, you are likely experiencing a few of the following frustrations:
1 Your staff don't know where to find standard operating procedures
2 Your team cannot access key documentation fast enough in the event of an emergency
3 Your team are not interested in Health & Safety practices
4 Your procedures and emergency toolkits are all over the place, making it confusing for your staff
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What are the main benefits of this range?

Our Health & Safety walls offer a multitude of benefits that empower organizations to prioritize safety, enhance communication, and mitigate risks effectively. With visually impactful displays of safety information, procedures, and emergency protocols, our walls serve as a constant reminder of best practices and help reinforce safety awareness among employees. By providing easily accessible and standardized safety information, our walls streamline communication, reduce confusion, and ensure consistent compliance with safety regulations. The customizable nature of our Visual Safety walls allows organizations to tailor the content to their specific needs, ensuring that critical safety messages are effectively communicated to employees at all levels. Additionally, our walls serve as a centralized hub for safety resources, equipment, and emergency supplies, enabling quick and efficient response to incidents or emergencies.

What will you gain from purchasing a Visual Standards Wall?
Engaged Employees
Safety Beacon
Organised SOP's



How much would a safety wall like this cost?

£5,175.00 + VAT


This 5.4m Wide x 2.7m High Health & safety wall on the right, includes the following elements:
- Wall Painting
- Wall Stickers
- Floor Stickers
- Triangular Wall Signs
- Dibond Boards
- Snap Frames
- First Aid Kit
- Eyewash
- Lens Cleaner
- Fire Extinguisher Double Stand
- Fire Blanket
- Yellow Spill Kit - Includes Bin



Health & Safety Wall
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Safety Walls are Alana's favourite product.....


"I think Colours are so important in making a factory Safer. People can instantly see where the items are that they need in an emergency."


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