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The 7 Rewards of Visual Management

Visual management brings multiple benefits to the workplace, each playing a core role in enabling efficient processes, employee engagement and sustainability. In fact, there are seven main rewards that come with a suitable and effective visual management strategy, which we’ve outlined below.

Workflow is improved

Incorrect, incomplete and incomprehensible information is one of the main causes of problems when it comes to meeting deadlines and maintaining top standards of product quality. To combat this, visual management products such as whiteboards, magnetic overlays and 5S cuboids are designed to make the sharing of information quick and easy. When everyone is on the same page and business-critical metrics are instantly accessible, work can actually happen and to maximum effect.

Mutual trust is enhanced

Visual management is very much about empowering individuals and teams. A visual workplace allows employees to monitor, analyse and fine-tune processes, which in turn makes continuous improvement a natural part of the working day. When everyone assumes accountability and adopts a proactive approach, team members will trust themselves and each other to a far greater extent.

Visual thinking is encouraged

One of the best things about visual management assets is that the omission of information is immediately obvious. Whilst a written report may take a while to uncover missing data, visual management tools allow the viewer to spot the blanks and eliminate them very quickly by adding in the relevant details.

The data reflects physical performance

It can be easy to assume that a piece of machinery is performing well simply because it hasn’t broken down, or that a department is flowing smoothly because there aren’t any noticeable problems. However, visual management gives much deeper insight into not only how everything is performing, but also where things can be improved on an almost microscopic level.

Unstoppable flow is enabled

When every member of staff has the tools they require to do exceptional work, that’s precisely what’s delivered. Visual management removes bottlenecks, constraints, errors, delays and confusion from the equation, leaving only smooth, efficient, cost-effective, safe and environmentally responsible operations.

Company-wide alignment is achieved

Visual management focuses on bringing together every department under a shared agenda of operational excellence. This company-wide alignment is achieved through visual connections, consistent communication and a holistic approach to meeting targets. When everyone understands their role in a company’s day-to-day operations and how they can facilitate further improvements, there’s no stopping how much the business can evolve and grow.

Profitability is maximised

When your business embeds visual management throughout its company culture, positive changes occur on a financial level too. A higher quality of product, reduced downtime, minimised waste, increased safety, greater employee engagement and smoother communication all help to cut costs and improve your bottom line.

We supply bespoke visual management tools

Take a look at our online shop and you’ll find visual management boards, magnetic overlays, VM accessories and many more tools designed to help your employees stay in control of their duties. For more information about how we can help and to book a consultation, get in touch with our team on +44 (0)1482 296451 or fill in our contact form.