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8 Reasons Why Epoxy Flooring is Great for Industrial Use

The experts here at Clarity Visual Management are your go-to team for factory fit outs and warehouse upgrades on any scale. From visual management boards and 5S cuboids to LED projected floor makings, polymer safety barriers and even car park safety solutions, we bring a lot to the table and can help you to run a more safe, efficient and productive business.

Something we get asked about a lot is epoxy flooring, as it brings multiple benefits to industrial settings of all shapes and sizes. Let’s take a look at why epoxy flooring is so effective in factories and warehouses, as well as how Clarity can help you to cut down your maintenance costs in the process.

Epoxy flooring


Epoxy flooring is super tough

Epoxy flooring is an excellent choice for factories and warehouses, as it boasts an array of features that are perfectly suited to industrial settings. One of these is its unrivalled durability, which sets it apart from the rest. With the floors of industrial environments undergoing relentless traffic and heavy machinery, a reliable and long-lasting solution isn’t just preferable, it’s absolutely crucial.

Epoxy flooring, with its robust chemical bond and resistance to wear and tear, can endure these demanding conditions without becoming damaged, which ensures enduring performance and longevity. That’s why so many industrial companies opt for epoxy floors across their sites, as it’s an investment that brings an instant and ongoing return.


Excellent chemical resistance

If your employees work with hazardous liquids, epoxy flooring offers exceptional chemical resistance, which is a vital attribute in industrial settings where exposure to various chemicals is commonplace. From oils and solvents to acids and alkalis, epoxy floors can repel a diverse range of substances, safeguarding the underlying concrete substrate from corrosion and harm.

This resilience not only preserves the structural integrity of the floor but also simplifies cleaning and maintenance procedures, which reduces downtime, labour hours and cost. Imagine how much money your business could save if an oil or chemical spill could be cleaned up in a fraction of the time!


It’s an impermeable barrier

Another key factor is that epoxy flooring presents a seamless and non-porous surface, rendering it highly resistant to moisture ingress. This feature proves invaluable in environments that are prone to spills or where stringent hygiene standards must be upheld, such as food processing facilities or pharmaceutical warehouses.

The impermeable nature of epoxy flooring stops moisture from infiltrating into the substrate, mitigating the risk of mould growth, bacterial contamination, lingering odours and structural degradation. As well as increasing health and safety, this again helps to reduce maintenance costs significantly.


Customisation options

Each factory or warehouse is unique, which means that a one-size-fits-all option may not be suitable. Luckily, epoxy flooring offers versatility in terms of design and customisation, ensuring that you receive a solution that fits your exact requirements.

Industrial companies can select from a wide range of epoxy formulations, including clear coatings, solid colours or decorative flakes. This means you can achieve the desired aesthetic while fulfilling all of the functional requisites demanded by your operational and health and safety policies.

This adaptability also empowers businesses to fashion visually captivating environments that facilitate safety, workplace organisation, visual management and unhampered productivity. Some of our recent jobs have included epoxy flooring in bright shades of blue, green, red and yellow.


It's quick to install

Having new industrial flooring fitted may sound like a lengthy task that will bring a work zone to a standstill for far too long. However, epoxy flooring is renowned for its swift installation process and rapid curing times. In industrial settings, where downtime translates to substantial financial losses, the ability to install and cure flooring systems in a short timeframe is invaluable.

Epoxy coatings can be applied very quickly even in very large spaces, enabling a business to promptly resume operations with minimal disruption. The result is a brand new floor that’s designed to last, installed from start to finish is less time than you may think.


Create a brighter warehouse

Another advantage of epoxy flooring is its high-gloss finish, which not only elevates the workspace's appearance but also contributes to a brighter setting. This proves particularly beneficial in large warehouses and factories where adequate illumination is paramount for safety and productivity. The reflective qualities of epoxy flooring maximise the effect of artificial lighting, which means that the whole space remains bright without the need for excessive energy consumption.


Epoxy is easy to clean

Epoxy flooring is also very easy to clean and maintain, as it only requires a simple hygiene routine of sweeping and periodic mopping to uphold its pristine condition. Unlike traditional concrete floors, which can be porous and susceptible to staining, epoxy surfaces can be effortlessly wiped clean with very little effort, making them ideal for environments where cleanliness is paramount.


It's an affordable flooring solution

Last but by no means least, epoxy flooring presents a cost-effective solution for all kinds of industrial applications. Whilst the initial installation costs may marginally surpass those of alternative flooring options, the long-term savings stemming from reduced maintenance, repair and replacement expenditures make epoxy flooring a financially sound investment.

Its durability, chemical and moisture resistance, ease of maintenance and aesthetic versatility collectively contribute to making epoxy flooring an optimal choice for industrial use in factories and warehouses across the UK. We know you’ll be impressed by the options available and the result, so make sure to get in touch to find out more.


Let’s design a more efficient warehouse together

As well as fulfilling all of your bespoke and fully branded visual management requirements, Clarity can also design and install a wide range of epoxy flooring solutions. Whether it’s a small workshop, an enormous warehouse facility or anything in between, simply contact our team on +44 (0)1482 296451 or fill in our contact form to book your free consultation.