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Why is Visual Management Important?


Footballers who know the score-clarity visual management

Why is visual management important? The score provides you with the thrill and excitement of achievement. Knowing that your team only needs to score one more goal to win that match or even the league. You are invested, cheering them on to succeed from the edge of your seat. As a player, you will do all you can to chip that last goal into the back of the net and get the win for your team. Always on target and fighting until the very last second of the match.

Now let’s take that score away, the knowledge that you are one goal away, is the game still as thrilling? Is the match still played with the same fight and are the crowd as invested, cheering their team along?


Probably not.


Now apply that same logic to your team at the office.

If your team does not know the score then why do you expect the same drive to achieve as those players in the first scenario?

Let’s think back to that first question, ‘why is visual management important?’ Great visual management that clearly displays the target for everyone to see, keeps it at the forefront of everyone’s mind, they know what they are aiming for. This often results in a change of behaviour towards things of value, as employees will start to direct their focus towards reaching that target and concentrate their tasks on things that can impact it.

why is visual management important-Clarity Visual Management

Do your team know what impact their work has on the final goal?

Great visual management is easy to update. Having the target displayed is a fantastic start, but can they see the total rise and fall? Can they see the impact that their work is having and how far they are away from reaching that target?

All too often this data is tracked by finance and then shared with the team at the end of the year, but then it is too late for your team to impact your result. Live scoring allows for staff to push themselves further when they can see the results for themselves.

Consider breaking down targets to monthly/weekly/daily goals to really focus the team’s attention. These values don’t always need to be monetary as different teams have a different focus. Setting KPI’s such as; the number of customers called, website hits, articles that are written or orders shipped can dramatically change the output of a team.

Displaying these visually will not only keep their focus but also allow managers that enter the work-space to instantly see whether this team is on or off target. Focusing your team and increasing their output is why visual management is important to any work environment.


If your team are providing you with a lacklustre performance, then it’s time to look at introducing the score to the game.


Motivated Team -


Imagine a team working together, consistently on task, fighting to reach their daily target. That is what effective, engaging and excellent visual management will achieve.

Talk to our team today who can advise what visual management solutions will help to impact your score. Discuss bespoke options and design something that works for your team.