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What should I expect on a site visit from Clarity?


Many clients often get frustrated with the amount of time it takes to get someone to site to review their barrier or projector requirements. Some suppliers don’t even visit your site at all! We understand this may delay projects, and may mean that the wrong products are offered for your warehouse.

We have seen this frustration with many of our clients, which is why we offer free site visits to scope out your site within a couple of weeks of your enquiry. We also appreciate that you may be hesitant to let someone come onto your site to essentially pick out your problems, so in this article we are going to explain how you get a site visit with us, the 3 things we are looking for on a visit, and how you can prepare for it.



  1. How do I get a site visit?
  2. The 3 things we are looking for on a site visit
  3. How do I prepare for the site visit?


How do I get a site visit from Clarity VM?

Once we have established that we are a good fit for each other in our discovery call, and that our products will either add value to your factory, make it safer or improve the well-being of your people, the next step would be to have a site visit from a member of the Clarity VM sales team. This will either be offered to you, or you can request one from the team. We will work with you to find a time that suits you.


There are 3 things we are looking for on a site visit:

  1. Firstly, will the products we offer actually work?

For example if your factory has excellent lighting, it may be too bright for the projectors to be effective. If the floor to ceiling heights is too high, it may be difficult to successfully project an image over that distance.

  1. Second thing we’re looking for, which we’re hoping will already have been ironed out in the discovery phase, is to make sure that there is a real desire to improve your factory and there is the budget for it.

To know what budget you should expect, please visit our pricing page. So many factories that we go to, like the idea of having new barriers and projectors, but they can only implement the products, if someone high enough in the business can sign off on the budget for it.

  1. Thirdly, we need to measure up distances, lux levels, forklift truck weights and speeds, sketch up the areas, take photos and get an idea of the right products for your factory. This will give us an accurate baseline to work from to be able to give you an installed price for your project.

You should expect to have a chat about your current problems and projects, and be able to provide a site tour to review the areas that need improvements.


Project Manager

How do I prepare for the site visit?

So now you know the top three things that we are looking for when we come to site. To help you get the best, most accurate pricing, there are a number of things you could help with.

  1. Ensure that the budget has been agreed before we arrive on site.

  2. Ensure that all decisionmakers are in agreement that the changes are required for your factory.

  3. Provide a site map or site plan as this always helps with the planning and installation process.

  4. Our team are used to walking into a variety of different factory environments, and have safety boots, high-vis and hard hats of their own. If you have any other specific PPE requirements or security checks for us to do, we also need to be made aware of this a few days prior to the visit.

So now you know the main things to expect on your site visit from Clarity, and how to prepare to ensure the visit is successful. Clarity VM will always work with you to ensure the visit is useful for you. If you are ready to book your own site visit now, please get in touch here.